High Performance Homes

IDM Builders is proud of its efforts to incorporate high performance features, quality sustainable materials and state of the art mechanical designs and equipment into its homes while striving to keep them affordable. Our focus on high performance homes is in four primary areas: Energy Conservation, Health and Safety, Resource Conservation, and Home Automation. There are many homeowner benefits that result from IDM Builder’s high performance building efforts including: lower operating costs, safer and more comfortable living environment, lower strain on natural resources, and easier, safer, and more flexible operation of the home.

Foamed attic, foamed wall, Tyvec moisture barrier

Energy Conservation: Producing a home that is efficient in its use of energy and conserves resources will result in a home that is much lower cost to operate and reduces the impact on the environment. Key elements in this area are:

  • Design – including home orientation on the site, eve overhangs, window shading, window glazing, window size and placement.
  • Building and thermal envelope – including polyurethane foam insulation, moisture barriers, two stage polyseal, and special flashings, energy efficient roofing materials, and sustainable (durable) materials and building practices. For traditional attic construction use of radiant barriers, ridge vents and continuous soffit vents for proper attic ventilation and cooling.
  • Lighting – includes the use of air tight fixtures, low voltage and energy star rated fixtures and bulbs.
  • Appliances – energy star rated appliances and renewable solar water heating.
  • Heating and Cooling – High energy efficient, variable speed, split zone systems that work together with air quality filtration and ventilation systems providing a low cost healthy indoor environment.

Air purifier/dehumidifier installed in attic…… Hardwood Floors…… Textured concrete floor

Health and Safety: Making a home energy efficient must include keeping the interior environment healthy. With a building envelope that is tight and energy efficient, fresh clean air from the outside must often be efficiently brought into the living space and exchanged with the old air that gets trapped in the home. It has been widely documented that the indoor air quality of most homes is worse that the air quality outdoors. Key elements that are addressed are:

  • Material Selections – materials used in the homes should be selected to reduce out gassing (VOC’s and formaldehydes). Low VOC coating or paints, carpets and hard floors are important to reducing the air contaminates in the home.
  • Ventilation – energy efficient ventilation systems are needed to provide the air exchange of stale inside air with outside fresh air. These ERV “energy recovery ventilators” work in conjunction with the HVAC system to optimize the quality and comfort of the indoor air.
  • Filtration – Highly efficient filtration equipment is also needed to provide air quality by reducing or eliminating air born particulate matter, allergens and toxic contaminates and keeping the HVAC operating components clean and free of mold and mildew.
  • Humidity Control – Properly sized HVAC equipment, multi speed components, dehumidifiers and properly applied vapor barriers are important elements in the indoor air quality system.

Rainwater collection system…..Solar Panel…..Hot water heater

Resource Conservation: Water conservation and sustainable material selection.

  • Plumbing fixtures – low flow fixtures and appliances that use less water.
  • Hot Water systems – on demand hot water heaters and solar hot water systems.
  • Rainwater collection – roof gutter collection for landscape and household use.
  • Material Selection – minimizing the use of resources while providing improved energy performance and better indoor environmental quality. The selection of materials that are sustainable and that are not as susceptible to deterioration related to prolonged exposure to the elements.

Structured wiring/pre-wire for:…..Home Theater/Computer Networks/Security Cameras

Home Automation: The demand for home automation technology is a growing. New technologies, products, and applications come to market regularly. IDM Builders serves its’ client by helping plan, design and install the level of home automation that fits each client’s needs and lifestyle. At minimum, we recommend a level of structured wiring that will support the most practical level of phone, security, and audio video applications. We can also provide for much higher-end home automation applications that can be installed during construction or in the future.

Basic structured wiring packages providing for: security, fire and smoke monitoring, phone systems, data networks and video distribution of cable and digital satellite service.

Advanced pre-wiring can also provide for: whole house audio and intercom systems, surround sound, whole house lighting controls, appliance and mechanical controls and monitoring, camera systems and remote surveillance of the home and property. Many of the home automation systems and products can be controlled and monitored through computer interfaces and/or remotely at your option.

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