Central Texas Fire Rebuilding

The Central Texas wildfires affected almost in the Bastrop area.

IDM Builders is ready to help you rebuild your home today! We want to help families affected by the Central Texas Wildfires and we are already familiar with the Bastrop area, including Hobbs Creek, near Bastrop State Park and Buescher State Park, Tahitian Village, Colovista, the Colony, Circle D County Acres, Lake Bastrop Acres, Pine View West, Lake Bastrop Pine, Alan Creek, Cottle Town and La Reata.

Reconstruction has begun to restore the areas destroyed and left devastated after the fires. We want to help support our Central Texas community by being you on-site homebuilder. Whether it be on your own private country acreage, tear down to build in town, or in a planned build on your lot community, IDM Builders provides professional construction management services in central Texas.

We will rebuild your home.

We offer quality, a wide variety of choices and piece of mind with our high performance homes. IDM Builders is proud of its efforts to incorporate high performance features, quality sustainable materials and state of the art mechanical designs and equipment into its homes while striving to keep them affordable. Our focus on high performance homes is in four primary areas: Energy Conservation, Health and Safety, Resource Conservation, and Home Automation. There are many homeowner benefits that result from IDM Builder’s high performance building efforts including: lower operating costs, safer and more comfortable living environment, lower strain on natural resources, and easier, safer, and more flexible operation of the home.

Contact us today to discuss options for getting you and your family into a new home on your property quickly.

Recent headlines about the Central Texas Wildfires:

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